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Lakeside Country Cabin #moodboard

This mood board is a combination of country and coastal design styles - with a touch of mountain lakeside blue.

mood board showing lakeside country style images
Lakeside country cabin mood board

Modern country style interiors feature wood panelling, vintage floral and striped patterns, and rustic textures, mixing the old with the new. It's cosy and comfortable, but with a polished look.

Similarly, coastal style interiors feature white wood panelling, a bright, cheerful colour scheme and a relaxed choice of furniture and furnishings. There's an emphasis on blues and natural light.

In a country lakeside context, this style focuses on the waterside elements such as boats, alongside natural objects such as pine trees and forests.

The image of the yellow boats in the mood board is from Falls Creek in northern Victoria. I took this in late summer/early winter. I remember it was a bright, clear and warm day. All the colours were amazing. So in developing the mood board, I was thinking of the blue water, brightly coloured boats and alpine summers. But I wanted to combine this with the warmth and comfort of country style natural objects, rustic wood textures and the softness of wool.

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Kiewa Designs can work with you to create a bespoke mood board for your interior design project - whether that's a space makeover or a full renovation.

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